About me

Design to inspire, to connect, to wow

Strong design should speak for itself. Pictures speak louder than words after all. With my designs I can help you to communicate your message to your audience.

I have an eye for the most beautiful details of everyday life. I love being creative and therefore started working as a graphic designer at an early age. While working for established agencies and publishers in Germany I improved my skills, but it was when I decided to become a freelancer graphic designer that I made my dreams come true.

Gifted with the sight for great design, I know how to built your brand. Working with my clients, I discuss your needs and come up with a plan to create kick-ass graphics. As a chameleon I will first adapt to your identity and get to know your target audience in order to translate your goals into a strong visual identity. By combining aesthetics with branding strategies I can visualise your ideas and create designs that fit like a glove.    

I offer logo designs, webdesign and all kind of advertisement for print or online. I can create your social media content or design prints that will sell themselves. With my skills in online marketing I can help you to build your brand identity from scratch and create or improve your online presence with awesome illustrations and animations.

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Design Rules

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The best logos are the ones that can be drawn in the sand with your finger.


Be proud of your brand and make a statement


Your Logo and Design can be adapted to your specific needs. The sky is the limit.

All devices

The design is adaptable to all kind of devices.


It all starts with an simple idea. The next step: changing the world.


Designs that put a smile on your face.